Sascha Martin's Time Machine

Sascha Martin's Time Machine. Mary-Alice Cooper points at the time machine which Sascha is holding in his hands.

Sascha Martin's Time Machine
was shiny, dark and flat
And Mary-Alice Cooper said
"We'll never fit in that!"

"Well of course not, don't be silly!"
Sascha answered with a wink
"This will build a field around us
and we'll go in that ... I think."

Sascha pushed a special button ...
necks were craned and faces peered
And when nothing seemed to happen
children groaned, and others jeered

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Sascha Martin's teacher, Mrs Mayhem, points in terror at the prehistoric creature summoned up by Sascha's time machine.

Then the teacher, looking past them,
said a very naughty word
And her trembling finger pointed
where a big, humungous ...

Sascha Martin's teacher and two classmates panic as Sascha's time machine pulls its first Pleistocene megafauna into the classroom.

Sascha Martin's classmate Aggie runs from the classroom as Ice Age megafauna time travel from the Pleistocene to the present.

It began with Mrs Mayhem's
class, 2M, and nothing more
Just a little group of innocents
assembled on the floor

They were studying the Pleistocene
a time of great appeal
And the class had been enjoying it
till Sascha made it real

By bringing forward all the animals
whose place was in the past
Which we call the Megafauna
cause their bodies all were vast

Kids and teacher run away as an enormous Ice Age Diprotodon appears at the window.

And some were terrible and savage
some were cuddly and kind
Though immense, of course, and squashy,
and with manners unrefined

But they were everywhere, the school
alive with creatures long extinct
It was lionised and crocodiled
and lizarded and skinked

Palorchestes azeal, a giant Pleistocene creature  brought to Sascha Martin's classroom by Sascha's time machine.

And overrun by Ice Age animals
and trampled and destroyed
What a rollicking adventure!
Though the teachers were annoyed

And much preoccupied, dissatisfied,
alive but barely so
And if asked to travel time again
determined not to go

Sascha Martin's giant Pleistocene spider, brought to the present day by Sascha's time machine.

Reviews of Sascha Martin's Time Machine

EPUB 3 cover for Sascha Martin's time travelling kids book, showing the time machine, Prehistoric megafauna, and Sascha, Mary-Alice and Luca.

Scientists scratch their heads as they examine the time machine invented by schoolboy Sascha Martin.

Although Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship
the first book, as you'll find,
Being older has a bolder count
of readers with a mind

To write reviews, the plot primeval
of this second book is new
So that fewer yet have had the
chance of penning a review

Time will travel, though, and as it
goes, reviews will gather speed
Meanwhile those that are available
are gathered here to read

The Sascha Martin Kids Book Series

Landfill Public School crest from the Sascha Martin kids book series.

For the first book in the series,
Volume One, where it begins
Look for Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship
with body, nose and fins

Then the second book, or Volume Two,
whose page you're reading here
Would be Sascha Martin's Time Machine
where mega beasts appear

Sketch for kids book Sascha Martin's Superball, with Sascha against a dark sky, trying to undo the chaos caused by his latest invention.

Followed soon by Sascha's third book,
Volume Three, where number counts
Being Sascha Martin's Superball
in copious amounts

Mary-Alice leads the fourth book,
Volume Four, at cracking pace
Where, as Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch
she travels time and space

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