Sascha Martin's Superball

Sascha Martin's Superball. Aggie sits beneath her umbrella, reading calmly in a storm of superballs.

Pencil sketch showing Mary-Alice Cooper creeping round behind Luca to grab the superball from Sascha Martin.

Sascha Martin's Superball
looked anything but super
"It's just a stupid rubber
ball!" said Mary-Alice Cooper

"It's not. It bounces really high,"
said Sascha. "You should see it."
And then he added quickly,
"But you can't. We mustn't free it!"

"Ooh, why not!" said Mary-Alice
with her interest clearly piqued.
"Just ... because!" said Sascha. "Pass
it round the class!" another squeaked ...

Sascha Martin drops the superball, Luca catches it, and Mary-Alice Cooper tries to grab it.

It was yet another school day
Mrs Mayhem in the chair
Yet another new invention
Sascha Martin had to share

And he didn't want to pass it
round the class but off it went
Mary-Alice watching grimly
with impatient, dark intent

Mary-Alice Cooper, dressed as Alice in Wonderland, tries to convince Sascha Martin his superball is meant to be thrown about.

And when, inevitably, someone
passed the Superball to her
Mary-Alice seized the moment
and the moment was a blur

Of lamentation and creation -
Sascha's project full of juice ...
Transdimensional, inventional,
and roundly on the loose

Mr Jack in begins a desperate lep to stave off disaster while children and Mrs Barnum look on in horror.

Mr Jack in pirate costume, captured in a photo by Mary-Alice Cooper as the worst thing imaginable comes to pass.

Mr Jack observed a moment
he could seize to save the day
Then another moment happened
and his moment went away

And he could only watch in horror ...
No, he couldn't watch at all!
For the moment now belonged to
Sascha Martin's Superball

In a line of four windows, children in costume appear at the glass, trapped inside Sascha Martin's classroom as the superball does its worst.

Reviews of Sascha Martin's Superball

Sascha Martin's classmate Aggie, dressed as Pippi Longstocking for the school book parade, carries a huge pile of books.

Though the Superball is written
still we need the final art
And you really can't be hurrying
the illustrator's part

But the waiting can be occupation
also, you'll agree ...
As a reader you could read the
written story now for free

I would value your opinion
if you'd like to tell me how
You like the story (or you don't)
although it's just the words for now

If you signal your intention
then I'll send the story through
In exchange for your opinion
which is kind of a review

The Other Sascha Martin Kids Books

Sascha Martin's classmate Aggie, wearing her Pippi Longstocking costume for the school book parade, sits pointing to a book lying open on the floor in front of her.

Model rocket lying on the ground. Detail from a sketch for Superball, book 3 in the Sascha Martin kids book series.

In this slowly growing series
which is seriously fun
There was Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship
and that was Number One

Sascha Martin's Time Machine, the device itself, from the kids book of the same name.

Then appeared another story
which the illustrator drew
It was Sascha Martin's Time Machine
and that was Number Two

Teacher MrJack makes a flying leap through the air, trying to save the day as the superball, another of Sascha Martin's inventions, spins out of control.

Now we've reached the present volume
where the balls are breaking free
Yes it's Sascha Martin's Superball
and this is Number Three

Mary-Alice Cooper clings desperately to Sascha's uncontrollable flying broom as it whisks her away. Colour sketch for Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch, book four in the Sascha Martin kids book series.

After that, when all the Superballs
depart the final shore
There'll be Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch
and that is Number Four

Mr Jack and Mrs Barnum, dressed for the school book parade, congratulate themselves for saving the day in the kids book Sascha Martin's Superball.

But not the last! With each disaster
Sascha's output merely grows
And the stories? Well, Manuela
will be illustrating those

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An Ice Age blowfly from the second Sascha Martin Kids Book, Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

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