Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship

Child inventor Sascha Martin, dressed as a superhero, stands proudly with his Rocket-Ship.

Sascha Martins Rocket-Ship
was twice the teacher's height
He brought it in for News one day
(his mum had said all right)

He left it on the table with
a note that said "Don't touch!"
So someone pushed a button
and the rocket started such

A roaring, then went silent
then it gave a mighty boom!
And Sascha grabbed the rocket
as the rocket left the room ...

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In book one of the  Sascha Martin kids book series, three aliens emerge from a wormhole in Sascha's secret lab.

It begins the moment Sascha
Martins Rocket-Ship departs
The adventure of a daytime
and a tale of many parts

As the rocket-ship with Sascha
at the tail-end holding tight
Rips a course above the schoolyard
with its engine burning bright

Sascha Martin's classmate Mary-Alice Cooper reacts to the boom of Sascha's rocket-ship launching.

From disaster in the tuck-shop
to the office block aflame
Children milling in the playground
during lessons, what a shame!

And the sound of teachers screaming
(to the children's dark delight)
As the rocket-ship conveys them
to a far, uncounted height

High in the air, Sascha Martin screams as he clings to the tail of his runaway rocket-ship.

And disappears. It was a rescue
bid that failed, it was bold
It's the very stuff of legend
and a legend often told

At Landfill Public School, where Sascha,
chuffed with all that he's achieved,
Brings a new invention every week
and chaos unrelieved

Enfin, Sascha Martins Rocket-Ship
the first book in the series
Is the perfect kind of book for kids
- a tale that never wearies

An investment that matures
as your children also do
And they find the hidden giggles
that have so appealed to you

Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship Reviews

3D cover image of kids book Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship.

Since the Rocket-Ship of Sascha Martin
launched, it's been reviewed
By a thoughtful crowd of people
with opinions (some are rude)

Should you wish to learn what others
think, by studying their views
Here's a link that goes directly
to a page of those reviews

Note the place where you can add
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More Sascha Martin Kids Books

Sascha Martin's Time Machine from the kids book of the same name.
Detail from kids book Sascha Martin's Time Machine. Sascha, Luca and Mary-Alice fall from the sky as their time bubble bursts.

In the Sascha Martin kids book
series, Rocket-Ship's the first
Though in terms of the unthinkable
by far it's not the worst

Sascha's second book for children
Sascha Martin's Time Machine
Fills the school with megafauna
from the distant Pleistocene

Luca and Mary-Alice in costume attend a shaken Mrs Barnum dressed as Cruella de Vil. Character designs for Sascha Martin's Superball, volume three in the kids book series.

After Time Machine there's
Sascha Martin's Superball (Book Three)
Where the country lies in ruins
and the kids are late for tea

Mary-Alice puts her worst foot
forward then in Volume Four
Which is Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch
and after that there's more

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Preliminary sketch for the kids book Sascha Martin's Pitch Witch shows Mary-Alice Cooper hanging upside down beneath a flying broom.