Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch

Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch. Character design sketch for the kids book. Mary-Alice Cooper, as a sooty Alice in Wonderland with a witch's hat, sneaks up on a black cat playing with a ball.

Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch
(Befana with a la)
Was an accident, as many of
his best inventions are

Preliminary kids book illustration. Sascha Martin and Luca Blanco at work in the lab, ignoring future Pitchy Witch Mary-Alice-Cooper.

He was working in the holidays
on January 6
On a broom that you could fly on
but he had a bug to fix

Luca Blanco sat beside him
writing recipes on cards
In amongst the mess that Sascha
made with silicon and shards

He was adding favourite recipes
from Portugal, with care,
Knowing several generations back
his family came from there

Mary-Alice Cooper glares down at the boys in Sascha Martin's lab, plotting the deed that will transform her into a pitchy witch of soot and legend.

Luca hadn’t done a lot as yet
and now he’d lost his zeal
But he’d written down the names
and had a card for every meal

Sascha also had a set of cards
the same as Luca’s brand
Where he’d written down the broom
controls, a card for each command

They were both ignoring
Mary-Alice Cooper being loud
As she hovered all around them
like an angry little cloud

So they didn't even notice when she
flew across the room
With a glare at them ignoring her
and took off with the broom

Mary-Alice Cooper screams amid clouds of soot as a witch's hat traffic cone tumbles towards her.

And with the broom instructions also
that she’d need to make it fly
Cause she knew she’d get a really
stunning selfie in the sky

Mary-Alice Cooper in flight, not as pitchy as she should be, wearing a witch's hat and trying not to fall off Sascha Martin's flying broomstick.

So the stage was set and
Mary-Alice Cooper was consigned
To be a legend in reality
as well as in her mind

For the broom, as she instructed
so impulsively, took flight
With a rueful Mary-Alice
clinging desperately tight

Mary-Alice Cooper wears a witch's hat aboard Sascha Martin's runaway broom, desperately searching for the command that will make the broom take her home.

And very loudly, as she uttered
every word she knew to say
But she wasn't in control because
the broom would not obey

She progressed to many places
well, to one place, many times
Where a fame she didn't realise
was pursuing all her crimes

A pitch-black cat clings to Sascha Martin's not-friend Mary-Alice Cooper as, dressed like a witch, she rides a broom above two islands that almost touch.

A companion also followed
uninvited, undeterred
Just a clingy hanger-on who
never ever said a word

But only added more discomfort
through the awful times ahead
When the broom held Mary-Alice
in a constant state of dread

A black cat clings to pitchy witch Mary-Alice Cooper, who clings to Sascha Martin's broom as it rockets away from a group of puzzled ancient Romans.

And though her fear was ever-present
her embarrassment was more
Even mirrorless, she knew
her image maintenance was poor

And through it all a single notion
kept her grimly hanging on
Her revenge upon the architect
of all she'd undergone ...

A group of ancient Roman citizens and slaves in a character design sketch for the book Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch.

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The book of course is finished
but the illustrations, no ...
If you'd like to get a preview
and review it, let me know

Sascha Martin Kids Book Titles

Detail from kids book Sascha Martin's Superball, showing Aggie quietly reading a book beneath her umbrella as superballs bounce and crash around her.

Sascha Martin Kids Book One
is where where the series broke
The ignition accidental
of a rocket-ship bespoke

Sascha Martin Kids Book Two
a time and travel blast
Brings the Ice Age megafauna
to the present from the past

Sascha Martin Kids Book Three
a title aiming high
Shows you really can make something
out of nothing, if you try

Sascha Martin Kids Book Four
a legend in a bloop
Has a lesson to be learned that
you should look before you loop

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Detail from Sascha Martin's Time Machine, in the Sascha Martin kids book series, showing Aggie thrusting an iPad towards the reader.

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