Sascha Martin Kids Books

Scene from kids book Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship. Child inventor Sascha Martin clings to his rocket-ship as it flies through a building with the floor blazing behind it.

Sascha Martin kids books character design. Sascha's classmate Aggie holds a book in one hand while looking over her shoulder in surprise.

Sascha Martin Kids Books are
intended just for laughter
So if you're really serious
they won't be what you're after.

But if your fear of humour
is a fear you can dispel
Then you'll love the Sascha Martin
books, and children will as well

They're for reading when it's bedtime,
or for reading when it's light
And for reading all together
or with no one else in sight

A school kid uses a long brush to scrub a Pleistocene giant crocodile which lies on its back in the swimming pool. From Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

They're exciting, fully illustrated
stories, and they rhyme! Will you
find yourself unconsciously
reciting them, in time?

Cause your children will repeat them
every day and every night
They'll insist you read the books
to them again for their delight

You'll be happy giving in because
you'll giggle every time
At the giggles made for grown-ups
that are hidden in the rhyme

Detail from kids book Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship (Sascha Martin Book One), showing the rocket heading for a teacher, Mrs Barnum.

Do you need a boyish angle
so that reading's not a chore
Do you have a boy or two you love
but want them reading more?

Sascha Martin books will do it -
they're especially for boys
But your girls will also read
them with a lot of happy noise

Detail from the first Sascha Martin book for kids, showing Mrs Barnum and Mr Jack running towards Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship.

In a detail from Book Two in the Sascha Martin series, Sascha Martin's Time Machine, a giant praying mantis stands poised as kids and teachers run past in panic.

And they'll both adore the books
because the characters appeal
They'll relate the hapless teachers
to their teachers who are real

And they'll thrill to each disaster
though they hardly dare to look
Then imagine how they'd manage it
if they were in the book

Sascha Martin, Luca and Mary-Alice huddle inside the time field created by Sascha's Time Machine.

Detail from Sascha Martin's kids book number one. Sascha hangs screaming from the tail of his rapidly ascending rocket-ship.

Who is Sascha Martin?

Sascha Martin's an inventor
and the things that he can do
Mean that anything impossible
is possible to do

So adventure and catastrophe
will always come to pass
When he shows the latest thing
that he's invented to his class

An early colour sketch of Luca Blanco, Sascha Martin's best friend, for the kids book Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship.

Luca Blanco

Sascha's friend is Luca Blanco,
who's beside him to the end
Every story is the story
of the hero and his friend

And their difficult relationship
with Mary-Alice, too,
Who's their neighbour and a labour
to be grimly suffered through

Sascha Martin's not-friend Mary-Alice Cooper, in panic as she is surrounded by Pleistocene megafauna. Detail from an early cover of Sascha Martin's second book for kids, Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

Mary-Alice Cooper

Mary-Alice tends to escalate
so anything that's wrong
Will be worse for her attendance,
and she always comes along

Now to Sascha Martin Kids Books -
every one a work of art!
To conclude, you might enjoy them
best by starting at the start ...

Humorous colour sketch for Sascha Martin's second book for kids. Mary-Alice Cooper leaps high as a gigantic witchety grub opens its mouth to swallow her.

Sascha Martin Kids Books

Classmates gather in a circle on the floor to see Sascha Martin's Superball, the invention at the heart of Sascha's third book for kids.

Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship

Sascha Martin's Time Machine

Sascha Martin's Superball

Sascha Martin's Pitchy Witch

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