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Seven good reasons to subscribe.

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Bonus Number 1.

The audiobook of Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship (Book 1 in the Sascha Martin Kidsbooke series), absolutely free.

Bonus Number 2.

An audio preview of Sascha Martin's Superball (Book 3), read by the author John Arthur Nichol.

Bonus Number 3.

Educational content from Sascha Martin's Time Machine (Book 2) that's only available in the fully interactive, Read Aloud EPUB3 version retailing on Apple Books and Kobo.

Receive this educational material in three formats: as a downloadable,  printable PDF file; as an audiobook; and as a fully-working, interactive, Read Aloud EPUB3 kids book that will open in Apple Books.

Learn all about the prehistoric megafauna Sascha and his friends encounter in their Pleistocene adventure.

Bonus Number 4.

A downloadable, printable page hand-drawn by the illustrator, Manuela Pentangelo, for your kids to colour in.

Think how quiet they'll be!

Four Bonuses. And That's Just to Start With!

Four great bonuses, just for signing up to Kidsbookely, and confirming your subscription.

Take the Goods and Run!

You can, you know. Take these five bonuses and be done with Kidsbooke. Download the files, unsubscribe from Kidsbookely, and walk away with your inbox almost undisturbed. 

And there'd be no hard feelings.

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But What Could Possibly Justify a Monthly Email?

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Bonus Number 5.

A second complete audiobook for free - Sascha Martin's Time Machine. It's nearly ready to go.


Bonus Number 6

(The Bonus That Keeps on Giving)

The audiobook of every future Sascha Martin book. Yours for free. And you won't even have to ask. All you have to do is stay subscribed to Kidsbookely, and each audiobook will arrive as part of your subscription.

And that's still not all because, by staying subscribed, you'll also receive ...

Bonus Number 7

(Another Bonus That Keeps on Giving)

Great content in every issue of Kidsbookely.

Will you agree it's great content? How will I know what you think? And how will I know how much to include, and what?

By asking you. Right there in the newsletter. And if you tell me what I'm getting wrong, and what would make it better, we can make sure that every issue hits the spot.

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So let's review. Just by signing up to our Kidsbookely newsletter, and confirming your subscription, you'll receive ...

The Benefits of Subscribing

Bonus Number 1: The free, keep-forever audiobook of Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship, read by Australian voice artist Jesse Emma.

Bonus Number 2: The free preview of Sascha Martin's Superball, read by the author John Arthur Nichol ... nowhere near as cool as Jesse Emma, but it really is my voice :)

Bonus Number 3: The free, print-as-often-as-you-like colouring sheet of an exciting scene in Sascha Martin's Time Machine, featuring an agitated teacher, screaming kids, and one of the Australian Pleistocene's most iconic megafauna species ... Hint: it weighed 2,700kg!  :)

Bonus Number 4: Educational content that's only available in the EPUB3 retail version of Sascha Martin's Time Machine - but now yours to keep as a free, exclusive bonus in printable, audio and EPUB3 formats.

You can walk away with those, and never have to receive another email from Kidsbooke.com. But if you walk away, you'll miss out on receiving ...

The Benefits of Staying Subscribed

Bonus Number 5: The free, keep-forever audiobook of Sascha Martin's Time Machine, being recorded right now by Australian voice artist Jesse Emma.

Bonus Number 6: The free, keep-forever audiobook of every future Sascha Martin book for kids. Automatically delivered as part of your Kidsbookely monthly newsletter subscription.

Bonus Number 7: great, exclusive content in every issue of Kidsbookely.

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