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KidsBookely, Issue #01: Hinky Pinkies; Activities; How To Hinky Pinky
June 02, 2020


Issue 01: Hinky Pinkies | Activities | Hinky Pinky How To

What do you call a jumpy snake? A hyper viper.

What do you call a big cat on a Swiss mountain? An Eiger tiger.

What do you call an arachnid's passenger? A spider rider.


Hinky Pinkies

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Welcome to the World of Hinky Pinkies

They're great fun and kids love them.

Put together two words that rhyme, with two syllables each, and you have a hinky pinky:

soggy doggy, fraidy lady, flower power, phony pony, witty kitty.

Make your hinky pinky the answer to a question, and you have a hinky pinky riddle:

What do you call a water bird covered in mud? A yucky ducky

What's an amphibian in wooden shoes? A cloggy froggy.

What do have when you chew your glove? A bitten mitten.

The Activities

In this issue, to keep the kids busy, I've created a hinky pinky word search, a hinky pinky crossword puzzle, scrambled hinky pinkies, and a sure-fire way to dream up lots of new hinky pinkies.

There's also a quick but challenging riddle just for the grown-ups ... unless the kids solve it before you do :)

And for a teaser easer, a puzzle muzzle, a tester rester, there's a colouring page from Sascha Martin's Time Machine to relax with.

All the activities are contained in this pdf (just right-click the link to download).

You can also do two of the pdf activities online at the Kidsbooke website, if you choose: the crossword puzzle and the word search.

This link will take you to the online page.

Fun Fact

Hinky Pinkies used to be called Stinky Pinkies.

Sascha Martin's Time Machine: The Audiobook

Sascha Martin's Time Machine is Book 2 in the Sascha Martin series. The audiobook of Sascha Martin's Time Machine is ready at last, and it's yours to download free as a Kidsbookely subscriber.

Right-click on this link to download your copy.

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John Arthur Nichol

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