How Do You Spell Kids Booke?

Three aliens emerge from a wormhole.

Kids booke? With an e? You'll
see the spellyng has a flawe
But it hearkens back to spellinge
from a time that came before

Lacking spellynge rules, you'd
spelle a werde in any way you chose
Just as long as you could recognyse
the meaning, I suppose

Mary-Alice Cooper and Sascha, in their book parade costumes, discuss Sascha's latest invention in the kids book Sascha Martin's Superball.

Kids Booke Number 2 - Sascha Martin's Time Machine. A time-travelling Diprotodon from the Pleistocene appears at the window as children run in panic.

But it's not about the spelling
here, it's more about a time
When you could write a word a dozen
ways, but always make it rhyme

It was the sound that gave the meaning
and the spelling gave the sound
And the music in the language
could emerge and run around

Teachers and school kids show off their costumes for the book parade. Sascha Martin's Superball.

We adore the sound of rhyming
and the rhythm of the voice
All the stories here at Kids Booke
offer both of them, by choice

It's a little bit archaic
it's a little bit passé
It's like getting on a plane to
Rome, and landing in Marseilles

Humorous sketch for Sascha Martin's Time Machine. A pink dinosaur (Stegosaurus) smiles with a flower in its mouth, against a background of modern buildings.

Finding unexpected patterns
you appreciate or don't
Only knowing by exploring
if you will or if you won't

If you stay, you'll find the stories
here are quite like nothing else
In the stories you've encountered
yet for little boys and gelss


The section of Kidsbooke devoted
To limericks new and oft-quoted,
Has a a singular book
Full of verses (do look)
That are suited to children, just floated.

Kids Booke Stories

Two scientists ride on the back of a Tyrannosaurus rex, in Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

We began the page with spelling
which you noticed wasn't right
In a bid to draw attention
to a set of books that might

Delight the eyes and ears of children
and their parents, if they chime
Not a mass production, certainly,
but stories set in rhyme

And fully illustrated, coloured
with an artist's loving care
And the like of these you'll
likely not discover anywhere

The time bubble from Sascha Martin's Time Machine, with its alarmed occupants Sascha, Luca and Mary-Alice.

Because their style is olde worlde
in its rhythm and its rhyme
Yet the stories are adventures
of invention, space and time

Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

And science fiction made for children,
things that can't, but if they could ...
And imagination running
fully riot, as it should

Without an eye to dire consequence
or lessons to expose
Let us pose a simple "What if this?"
and follow where it goes

Sascha Martin Kids Bookes

Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship drifts down beneath its parachute with Sascha, Mr Jack and Mrs Barnum dangling below.

Sascha Martin's an inventor
with a reputation made
By disastrous invention
that he's frequently displayed

So the teachers look at Sascha
as they might regard a box
Whose label clearly says "Pandora"
with a plenitude of locks

He begins with rocket science
but the passion doesn't last
So in time he travels forward
to a meeting with the past

Two catastrophes behind him
many others yet to be
Sascha brings a new dimension
to the ones that we can see

A single blue feather from megafauna species Bullockornis planei in Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

These are just his first inventions
others wait within the Crookes
and bends of Sascha's mind. Do
follow on, and read about his Bookes ...

Blue feather from the Demon Duck of Doom.